Friday, July 29, 2005


001: Mr. Twinkles

Let's pretend that the really cool fonts (knife fight and manga temple) that I go from DaFont make up for the fact that I couldn't get Daniel's head to look right no matter how hard I tried. Sigh...

In case you hadn't noticed, I've started listing us on webcomic sites (weird, yeah...). We're currently at #1851 on the one I have a link for, and I swear that's gone up from something in the #1900s range from yesturday. Tell your friends about this! Make this comic live! And soon maybe there will be pretty colors... and a road trip.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


1shotWednesday! : "Violent Humor"

Click the above link to go to the comic
Q&A Time!

What is One shot Wednesday?
Well, if I make something on Monday, it gets put up on Wednesday. Otherwise, all you get is the full comic on Friday.

Why does the girl character have bushier eyebrows in this one?
Because I want her to look more like me!

Is Daniel a real person?
Yes, yes he is. And that's what he sounds like a lot of the time. Some day I'll show you my bruises... waaaah... j/k.

Will you ever have an actual story-line?
Well, this Friday I want to intro some "new" characters, and then hopefully by next Wed/Fri we will start a storyline... one word about it: road trip. Okay, that's two... shut up...

Why do Daniel's glasses look so weird?
Because I put them on after the comic is finished. It's too hard to draw them perfectly on his face. I swear, he's got to go to contacts soon, cause those glasses are hard to draw...

Why are the spelling mistakes in this comic?
Because at 7:45am I didn't think to spell check. Sorry.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Concept art

Mr. Twinkles

This is some concept art for Mr. Twinkles... muwahahaha you'll have to wait to see who Mr. Twinkles is...

He needs a smaller beard and dreads.

Ooo dreads... uh, just tried, I can't draw dreads... crud, okay I'll go work on it... And yes, that ear is pointy.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


000: A Small Question

This is the first comic thrown up here... there will be more, on Fridays... maybe every week, maybe every two weeks, maybe whenever... BUT always on Friday! Eventually they will not be so flipping strange shaped that you have to click on them and stuff...


That looks nothing like me... I'm really going to need to work on making something that looks more like me...

One thing, though, for an editor's note, I wouldn't care what people [think]. Seriously though. Fangs4tehwin.

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