Friday, August 05, 2005


Lazy Jody Preview

Jody, Daniel, Mr. Twinkles, and Ryan*

*Jody's sister is not really named Ryan... however, to protect 2of4's identity, we were forced to use the name Ryan when referring to her.


I'm having a bad day (sniffle). My retainer is giving me a headache, I'm whine-y because of that, and it's cell group Friday. Instead of giving you a crappy comic for today I thought I'd put it off. It says "preview" but this might not actually be a preview of anything but the action from the next comic, as I really really really want to redraw the whole issue.

And today we're #1186.

You know what's scary? People probably think of me like Hannibal. You know, Anthony Hopkins. o.o; You draw me with..Fangs. And.. The violence. And the changing from violent to intellectual. Lol I love it.

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