Friday, August 19, 2005


004: Bach Budgies of DOOM!

This is post-dated (today is the 26th actually) and here's what I need... feedback!

Yeah, I know, I have no readership, so the quest for feedback is silly.

I've been considering going over to smackjeeves comic hosting or ComicGenesis because I want something prettier... if I can get a Keenspace (aka ComicGenesis) account (trying to right now) I would move like that *snap*. Smackjeeves doesn't have a direct enough website... for example, last week's comic:

clicky clicky!

So tell me what you think of other hosting solutions.

Edit: The link no longer goes to smackjeeves's site... we got onto ComicGenesis finally, and will probably move there soon! But not this week! Jody-08/31

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