Wednesday, July 27, 2005


1shotWednesday! : "Violent Humor"

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Q&A Time!

What is One shot Wednesday?
Well, if I make something on Monday, it gets put up on Wednesday. Otherwise, all you get is the full comic on Friday.

Why does the girl character have bushier eyebrows in this one?
Because I want her to look more like me!

Is Daniel a real person?
Yes, yes he is. And that's what he sounds like a lot of the time. Some day I'll show you my bruises... waaaah... j/k.

Will you ever have an actual story-line?
Well, this Friday I want to intro some "new" characters, and then hopefully by next Wed/Fri we will start a storyline... one word about it: road trip. Okay, that's two... shut up...

Why do Daniel's glasses look so weird?
Because I put them on after the comic is finished. It's too hard to draw them perfectly on his face. I swear, he's got to go to contacts soon, cause those glasses are hard to draw...

Why are the spelling mistakes in this comic?
Because at 7:45am I didn't think to spell check. Sorry.

Why does Daniel have fangs again?
All I can say is... he won't have fangs on Friday. Gosh, I liked his fangs... why you dissing t3h fangs?!
Ha! In last question I put "the" instead of "there"... nice move...
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