Saturday, July 23, 2005


000: A Small Question

This is the first comic thrown up here... there will be more, on Fridays... maybe every week, maybe every two weeks, maybe whenever... BUT always on Friday! Eventually they will not be so flipping strange shaped that you have to click on them and stuff...


That looks nothing like me... I'm really going to need to work on making something that looks more like me...

One thing, though, for an editor's note, I wouldn't care what people [think]. Seriously though. Fangs4tehwin.

OMG! You may think I sound really dumb when I say that your comic had me hysterically laughing... I can't wait until the next one!-Hoshi

(My blog is
I'm sooo glad you like it! It's very Daniel and I type humor, and will continue to be so...
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